First of all, thanks for stopping in, this is my first blog.  My name is Jason Paden and I couldn’t be more excited about joining the blogging community. Leave your contact info below and add mine to your contacts as well. Feel free to ask me anything, you cannot offend me.

About Me

I’ve been an author/ghostwriter for some time now. I mostly work in the article/journalism world, but now I’ve moved my focus towards my first novel.

I’ve never written fiction. This is so much more difficult, but more rewarding as well. I am currently working on the second draft of my tentatively titled series, The War of Wars. The first book in this series is titled, The Loss of Lucifer.

In Book I, we follow the path of Lucifer’s ascension to becoming  the highest and brightest of all the stars of The Heaven. Which sadly subsequently ends with a fall from the Mount of the Father.  Having started a rebellion to overthrow his own creator Lucifer attacks, but before he can assume the throne the opposition led by, The Arch of the Archangels, Michael stands to put his mentor’s foolishness to an end.

Can the lesser defeat his superior?

I also do a lot of digital art work as well, so you can expect to find some unique purchasable artwork here.

.Plus The PhxPhilosophy page is almost here, and with contributors Doug Everest and Robert James help we know you’ll love it
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