My Inauguration Reaction : Back Story

I’ve said this a lot lately.  I didn’t vote for Trump.  I couldn’t put my name next to a candidate like Trump and feel morally responsible. Too much of what he did on the trail bucked against who I am. That being said I decided after November’s vote that I would get behind our new President and give him a fair shake.

Since then the media has tried and tried to oppose him, bring greater division to our people, and even propagate this “fake news” pee scandal. The American Mainstream Media is deplorable.

Don’t listen to any of it, if anyone reports fake news it’s the Mainstream American Media.

So I stopped getting my news from Google or the T.V. pundits.

My Inauguration Reaction : Angst

I watched the inauguration with my 4 year old daughter. We both stood up for the benediction and the Nation Anthem and the Swearing In. We both saluted the President, and the Flag and we both prayed to the God in Heaven for our country. But I felt so much anxiety throughout the entirety of the spectacle.  Mostly, because my young daughter was the only one that watched it with me so I couldn’t help but worry for her future, specifically.

While we stood, I was holding her hand, and thought about where our Nation is, and where it may be in the near future.  My boys are boys that will soon be men. I’ve raised them to be workers, not video game addicts. I’ve raised them to to be rough, when necessary, and how to be soft, when need be. I’ve raised them, to treat women with respect, and equality. I’ve raised them, to fear an Almighty God, and I’ve raised them to believe that Jesus Christ is that God. And lastly I’ve raised them to love their country and that the United States is the greatest country on the face of our planet.  My daughter on the other hand is my weakness. She is the first girl in generations on my fathers side. Needless to say she is spoiled.

So what I spoil my little girl. She is the youngest and she is the first girl in a long time. I never had a sister. I never had female cousins on my dad’s side. My fathers side has been all boys only, for literal generations. So I am not ashamed to say that she does get spoiled. That being said, I also worry about her the most. I am going to be the dad with the shotgun when I answer the door to any boys that come knocking for her.

It’s so bad that I found myself asking one of the toddler neighbor boys she plays with what he planned to do to support a family one day. That’s a joke, but one more play-date and it’s time to start asking questions.

But when I heard Trump give an excellent speech the angst inside of me subsided.

My Inauguration Reaction : Hope

What a great speech. To stand up to the fat cats in Washington, and to tell us the American Citizens, that it’s time to bring back everything we’ve lost. To tell us that we won’t be ignored no matter black, brown, or white we all bleed American red blood and so we should be treated equally. Wow. It was inspiring.  So not to ramble on, I’d like to say this: as long as Trump doesn’t do what most politicians do, which is tell the people one thing and do something else that is completely the opposite, I believe he will be a great President. But strong anxiety and hope don’t mix well until the results show. So for the sake of America I hope he does what he says he would. Until then America Bless God.

My Inauguration Reaction
The President and the Chief Justice


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