via Daily Prompt: Privacy

Daily Prompt: Privacy is an idea of an older age. An age that was assassinated, if you will, by the Five Eyes.

An age plotted against and overthrown by the true Internet trolls, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, don’t forget good ol’ liar Yahoo.

Privacy is from an age of old, before they brainwashed the youth and hid behind the guise of safety. Even in recent years not too long ago,  we never would have dreamed of putting our real name onto the internet. Now it’s a requirement, along with an alternate email address, your phone number, social, cvc number on the back of your debit card, and 3 months hard labor. All that just to get a gmail, or a worthless outlook account, or yahoo account so they can then have them all sync together as Google forces this one internet identity bullshit down free peoples throats.

Daily Prompt: Privacy

They tell us our info is safe while the likes of Yahoo, that pack of failures and Liars, hide the fact that they were subject to the single largest hack in history, in order to keep from having the company’s reputation hurt by an illegal attack. Not giving a damn about the 1billion customers their incompetence allowed to be compromised.

Privacy is a word void of meaning because we took it for granted. How? We didn’t do anything to keep it. So privacy has been redefined by those who do not care about anything except the bottom-line.  We’ve let the Hillary Clinton’s and the George Bushes be our decision makers. And those horrible disgusting similes of what a person is, decide what’s in our “best interest.”

Daily Prompt: Privacy

We turned the other cheek when Edward Snowden revealed the largest scandal in NSA history. We should have had a revolution. We need one today. It’s been too long, we need to rise up for the sake of the next generations we need a Second Revolution. For the sake of our own reputations. For the sake of privacy.




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