The War of Wars

Fiction : Book I The Celestial War

Before you read on here is a little back story. This Fiction belongs to a six book series of speculative fiction based on the many battles between Michael and Satan in the Bible. Those battles were not presented in the Bible in great detail. Which was my motivation for writing this book. To give an accurate speculation on what may have been.

In the first book you see a perfect and upright Lucifer rivaled by the angel Michael, fall into proud sin and transform into the first villain in history, Satan. All the while learning about Michael’s less infamous transformation of his own. Here we jump into one of Michael’s minor angels running from Lucifer whom he was spying on. Enjoy.

Pang g gg g ! Thimmuel’s foot dashed against something heavy and cold. The clanging faded in the distance as he  was catapulted  to the ground. Thimmuel knew for sure  the clamor gave away his position, but he knew not at what he stumbled. At the same time Lucifer, in hot pursuit, made great gains by reason of Thimmuel’s blunder. Aside from the mistake the angel made, Lucifer The Seraphim was built in strength, possessing fear invoking power. Which made gaining on anything or anyone an easy endeavor for one of such ability. He was superior to all that have lived. Save one, The One Who Sees. Who had happened to cast his eye upon Thimmuel, who was called Thimmes, as he fell. A sight he beheld without so much as re-positioning his view from on high.

Lucifer’s love for the hunt gives him a blood thirst he cannot quench.  His signature domain, the power of the darkness was his greatest tool. Darkness was able to penetrate every area, visible and invisible. Lucifer, once known as Lucas, having  caught up now to Thimmuel’s area, did realize the need for that darkness and he acted. First he walked a considerable distance away from the others and knelt down, then began his séance.

“Come covering shadow. Come darkness spread. Thou be a subtle cloak in dread. Just as before my desires you have fed. Again! Make them wish they would have fled. Do As The Satan has said. Do As The Satan has said. Do as I have led.”

This said he, The Seraphim, in a whisper, thrice.

Slow was the turning of the thick blackness. Rolling across the land like a heavy smoke, within the power of that darkness Lucifer felt his senses extend.  Extending, in such a way, that no one hid and survived the wrath of Lucifer.

Meanwhile, the maimed Thimmuel did his best to keep from being taken captive. Finding a pool he sat in what he thought was water. Within a moment he felt a crisp chill grasping his toes. The bleak blackness began molesting him, crawling up from his feet to his legs. Thimes did not know the power of this deep darkness. No one had encountered Lucifer, before. Who was indeed a crafty fellow and perfect in the art of dark. The minor arch angel was ignorant of the danger. On top of that, Lucifer had begun honing his ability to confuse his victims. Distracting their minds from the influence of the shadows until much too late.

The son of the Morning, began crying out confusions, “Oh Thimmy, my boy! It won’t be long now…”, Lucifer said as he crept to and fro, closer and closer “…No, not long at all before I take that throne, for I am more deserving…”

Hearing those words caused the exact distracting confusion Lucifer hoped to impose. The shocked Thimmuel, grinding his teeth, tried to control his breathing. He was oblivious to Lucifer’s true intentions. At the time, no one had ever considered evil, let alone something so blasphemous. “To take The Throne of God?” he thought in disbelief. Both he and his Master Michael had suspicions of Lucifer’s intentions, but rebellion? It hadn’t even crossed Thimmuel’s mind.


Thimmuel was seeping in wrathful fury. Even so, he knew his death would’ve been the only outcome had he tried to attack. So he continued to hide, and Lucifer continued to close in on him.

“I saw you Dim Thim. Pretending that you were a covert spy no doubt. A fly on the walls of Saturn, uncovering the hidden things. I had a mind to let you convert to the side of the one who will soon be your new God. But when I noticed you were gone I knew what you meant to do. You were instead the fool who left to convey your ‘findings’ to Master Mickey. Well Dim Thim, where is the Arch of Archs now?” Declared the scoffing and scorning fallen angel with deep outbursts of maddening laughter.  “ Ha Haha! Where is he?’’

Meanwhile on Venus Michael peered across space toward Saturn…“Where is he?” Michael thought to himself. Interrupting his thoughts Raphael spoke up, “Excuse me sir.” Michael turned to acknowledge the minor arch. “Thimmuel is never tardy master. He’s not in danger is he?”, asked Raphael.

Rapha asked a legitimate question. In our present age, Thimes would have been considered punctual to a fault.

Thus Michael was also concerned, considering the ‘what if’s’. As he steadied his eye out across the ages of the universe he noticed darkness coming towards Venus. Michael also noticed the black came from the direction where Thimmuel would’ve been carrying out his tasks. Whispering to himself, Michael thought out loud, “That’s the same darkness I perceived when Lucif…no, please Father no.”.  And with great haste Michael bolted towards Saturn without saying a word. “No Michael! Consider the implications.”, cried Raphael, as his master disappeared into the deep.

The dark haze was evident and aggressive as Michael came near to Titan, Saturn’s great moon.  Saturn and all her children smelled of a putrid, thick, gaseous stench. To most of the Host of Heaven, Saturn and the planets group of heavenly bodies is repulsive. For that reason alone Lucifer preferred this place. It was perfect in his eyes, because he knew none of the other Host’s would desire to spend time there. And he was absolutely right about that.

It was there on Saturn, and on her surrounding bodies, that Lucifer did craft the ways of evil. He also used Saturn and her moons to train his deceived sons in his deviated version of war craft.  Aside from war craft he taught them origin sorcery as well. These teachings took ages and ages. Those ages were the beginning of deep evil. Lucifer continued on after he learned the aforementioned attributes. Learning and teaching many other deplorable tidings in the Saturn space.

In fact, some time later this fact became common knowledge. During his time of astral research Lucifer was conducting a study of Titan. On Saturn’s moon the fallen one made a discovery. He discovered how Titan seemed to be a certain way, but in reality the exact opposite was true. For instance, though the moon was far from the Sun, the temperature was relatively high. Another example was what looked to be pools of water, were in reality not water, but were in truth, gas. Lucifer took that discovery, and with his twisted perceptions of the planet, he created the framework for deception. Deception would evolve and one day land Lucifer the title, The father of Lies.

As for now, Michael was not privy to those details. Nevertheless, Michael knew Heaven was amiss, something was wrong, and getting worse. For that reason, Michael the Second Highest of the Host of Heaven, and the Arch of Arch Angels, sent out his closest friend and trusted ally Thimmuel.

Thimmuel’s task was to find out what he could about Lucifer, his band and their ambitions. Thimmuel was far from discreet but he was trustworthy. The overall goal was to obtain that information without anyone’s knowledge but again subtlety was not his strength.

Having recently encountered sin, it is understandable that like Thimes, Michael dealt with a curve of naivety. One that showed often in the early ages of Michael’s tenure. Even still, he was cautious as he approached anything in the Heaven. For there were great powers in the skies that could destroy even immortals.

Immortals cannot die, lest they die at the hands of another. Whether that be a body in Heaven or able Host of Heaven or even lucky man did not matter. Even if a beast could slay an immortal, that immortal would die. So other than a prescribed death, immortality meant life eternal without death.

Michael now approaching Titan, noticed something odd, on his way to Saturn. Halting, he thought to himself, “I always remembered this moon to be much brighter.” Michael then decided to proceed with caution as he crossed the moon’s atmosphere.

The War of Wars : Lucifer's Loss

It was at that moment that Lucifer lifted the dark cloak. Revealing legions of angels along side great mounds of metal cast weapons and armor. Those same mounds were each methodically stacked, for Satan loved method. That is, all but one which looked as if something or someone had hit the top half. Denting the pyramid of pikes, swords, and piled shields.

Michael, for the first time in his existence took the bait. That trap immediately taught Michael the true scope of Lucifer’s plans. Fear struck his heart. In distress, his voice cracked as he spoke up. “Whe-whe where is Thimmuel.”. While he yet spoke Thimmuel began yelling from above the hoard, “Take Heed Micha! Flee! FLEE At Once!”.

Michael trembling with anxiety turned his eyes upward. There high above the rest, was one who appeared as an angel of light. That light was blinding and at first Michael thought all was well. He was sure that only the Father had such a brightness about Him. Once he noticed that descending the high skies did not have the same glow as the Creator he began to squint. Until finally he saw what he dreaded most. None other than the Great Seraphim Lucifer, appeared with such brightness. In the blink of an eye that same trembling fear returned to Michael.

There was Lucifer holding his hair only. The son of the Morning was dangling Thimmuel as he crossed the black sea of stars into the atmosphere of Titan. While he maintained his elevation above the mass he began his horror. The greatest creation that has ever been, showed his truest intentions, and his great power. The one who in a time was called Lucious, took his blade and pressed it firmly against the injured angels flesh. The Beast whispering to Thimmuel slashed from left ear down and across slowly. He opened the arch’s throat, in what seemed surreal and long drawn.

All watched as the blade tore across curvatures. Ripping through the throats high plains, and in like fashion dipping beneath his necks low valleys. Spilling innocent blood as he went.  Dividing asunder the ligaments, splitting veins, and spraying arteries along the way. Lucifer finally stopped, at Thimmuels right ear.

Michael starred on, spellbound by disbelief. Then Lucifer’s mesmerizing terrible gaze fell upon the eyes of Michael. He caught Michael, who knew that stare from their first encounter. Before the Games of glory, Lucifer had used the same stare. He couldn’t break from it as Lucifer continued to hold his closest friend by his hair.  Lucifer then turned his eyes to the bleeding, flaying body of Thimmuel. Which caused Michael’s gaze to simultaneously be cast there as well. He watched as Thimmuels weight and the pull of gravity detached his body from his crown. Finally, Thimmuel rent in twain, and his body began free falling to the cheering hoard.

The Second in Command of the Host did not bring a soul with him, let alone an entire army. Left with little choice, Michael shocked, and full of fear turned to flee.  But not before his eye caught Lucifer sinking his fangs into the minor arch angel, tearing half his face from the bone.

Lucifer threw the faceless, decapitated skull of the holy servant to the legions as Michael fled. The Evil Ones grin was still dripping with the angels flesh, as he commanded his hellish hounds not to hunt distraught Michael. “Not yet you invalid imps, take heed, it is time to rest. Yes, rest.  Be quiet you fools! Can you not see afar off? Have patience my pupils. This was an act in a much bigger plot. Ready yourselves faithful warriors for upon this measure we have made a declaration…

…We have declared War on Heaven!” roared the Adversary as his angels cheered. “A War that will bring The Throne into dark possession, and thus we, not He, shall reign eternal from that High Place! The age of the Almighty shall end, and we shall be the ones to End It! Thus Saith your Lord Lucifer.”

The defeated and troubled Michael fled with all his power. He felt as though he were a coward. Great fear consumed his heart as he approached the Mountain of God. All the while he marveled at what had took place. Yet, even with all those marvellings there was one question he could not answer. In the future even, as he heard the hymns and songs that young Thimmes loved so dearly he would wonder but he never quite knew Why?

the war of wars

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