For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul
The men of Sodom behaving as is tradition.

For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul

There was Lot, he’d just watched his wife make a fatally foolish mistake. That same night Lot would wedge great sin upon great sin between him and his God.

FAIR WARNING: For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul contains graphic content, adult themes, and my opinions. Mind you I am just telling the Bible account, but the Bible can be very blunt.


…Please don’t take any of the upcoming lightheartedness to heart. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but read the Bible account for yourself. The read, at times, can be cringe worthy, depending on how desensitized you are to graphic content.

Thank God for levity.

comic for series For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul
I actually laughed at this comic, it’s pretty funny.

This Story is one of the more famous of the Scriptures. Believers and unbelievers alike are familiar with the deeds of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Biblical demise of these sister cities is hard for anyone to forget. Yet Lot, the cousin of Abraham, one of the key figures in this story is generally forgotten. Which is understandable for Lot, or any figure that had their better half blasted to a pillar of salt in such climatic, and symbolic fashion. For that cause, and a few others, very desperate sin is committed by this believer who at one time walked alongside father Abraham himself.

For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul First Let’s Pre-cap:

In Part I, we took a deep, and thorough look at the transgressions of Noah. Quickly let’s go through the sum of that first piece.

Firstly, we learned was that Noah was a day drinker. Soon after that is revealed; the account, by my own standards, becomes almost hard to believe. That being said, this little known part of Noah and his Sons era is full of intrigue, mystery, maybe incest and a generational lifelong curse of perpetual servitude. All of which makes for great reading.

Back to the topic..

In Part I of this series I show how Noah curses Canaan and not Ham. Which I believe shows us that Ham was not at fault, per say, aside from an accidental Naked Noah spotting.

That is not a popular viewpoint amongst Christianity, but read the account for yourself.

It is within reason’s reach to say that Canaan was probably a known doer of such deeds. A point that I believe is proven by Noah’s instant, enraged cursing of Canaan, the son of Ham.

Alright..that was a lot.

Before we start in on the iniquity of Lots life, one quick Bible Truth to consider: Canaan after Noah curses him then leaves and settles a lot of the Northern Africa area, as does his Father Ham. One of the those areas Canaan settles and populates is Sodom and Gomorrah.  Sins of the father?

For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul

The Lot of Lot Before Sodom

Meet Lot, the cousin of father Abraham. Lot is an extremely wealthy man, as his blessed cousin. Their combined wealth was such that the Bible states that the land could not contain their respective flocks. On top of the resource shortage, the cousins servants, in what boils down to a pissing contest of sorts, begin fighting endlessly. Thus Abraham and Lot decide to go separate ways reasonably.

At that time Lot pitches his tent on the outskirts of Sodom and overtime becomes a prominent figure in the city.

For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul The Judgement is Passed Down

Some time had then passed and the Lord was visiting Abraham, for two very specific reasons. One of those issues is the issue of Sodom and Gomorrah. The two cities had long been seeped in corruption, debauchery, immorality, and of course sodomy. Having grown exceedingly tired of the unrepentant, heinous cities The Lord informs Abraham that He will be destroying Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham knowing that all of Lot and his family reside in these soon to be damned cities pleads for his cousins righteous soul, and Lots family and really for the 2 cities overall.

God mercifully agrees to spare Sodom if they find ten righteous souls in the entire booming metropolis. Abraham being a righteous man and having done his duty,  pleaded and interceded for Lot and Lot’s keep.

The Lord then sends 2 angels to find these ten righteous and to stay in Lot’s home for the time. During this time a sad and terribly crippling sin rears it’s ugly head.


The Skies in Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul
Sliver’s of Silver Lining Redefining Our Demise. The Darkness Can’t Stop The Blinding Shining in Our Eyes.

The apathetic nature of Lot and his family comes across as disbelief, in an almost mocking sort of way.

Then something unheard of occurs. When the men of Sodom see the ethereal beauty of the angels the lusts of their flesh begin to consume them. The men of the city aggressively attempt to have their way with the angels. The situation becomes so dire that Lot offers up his two virgin daughters to suffice the mobs lust. They refuse the women and demand that they will lay with the angels. Again, the situation becomes such that the angels have to blind the mob with a flash so that they can get out of harm’s way.

And yet the lust burned so hotly in the men of Sodom that even in their blinded state the Bible says that they still groped around hoping to find the heavenly beings and rape them.

For all have Sinned Part 2: Lot vexed
Blinded By The Light

For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul Salvation but Salvation, at a High Cost?

The angels then understanding the brevity of the moment and the depravity of Sodom decide to get Lot, his wife and two daughters out of the city before it is destroyed.

And still Lot and his wife hesitate hoping somehow to stay in Sodom. The angels have to nearly drag the four righteous souls of Sodom out from her gates before fire rains down from heaven and consumes the two cities. Lot’s wife loved the life of Sodom so much that the following day the most important lesson of the entire story is weaved into her next actions.

Lot’s wife looks back at what had been Sodom, in her heart she desires that it was still her home. Maybe she even wished that she would’ve passed with all those that suffered such a judgement instead of narrowly escaping.

Who knows what exactly she had in her heart but it cost her her life. When she looked back… God turned her into a pillar of salt.

That moment is what seems to be the climax initially… but wait there’s even worse to come.

The Wrath over Sodom and Gomorrah in For All Have Sinned Part II
The Wrath of God


For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul

The Drink Perverts Judgement Again

The virgin daughters of Lot hadn’t lost their mother only, which would have been devastating enough. Lot’s daughters lost all of their family friends and the city they grew up in and loved dearly.

Ignorant of the vast span of Earth and the various cities and tribes spread about the world the sister believe that they and their father are the only surviving humans on Earth. Believing that it was their responsibility to repopulate Earth they both decided to get their father drunk that evening.

Then, while Lot is drunk both sisters convince their father to lay with them. Lot’s seed born from the bellies of his own desperate daughters are then named Ammon and Moab. The Moabites and the Ammonites are a curse to God’s people from that time forward.

For All Have Sinned Part II : Lot Vexed His Righteous Soul Seeing, Hearing, Motivations, Consequences

There’s a lot to glean from this account. First thing I realized was how close Abraham and God were. It’s almost cliche to say “just talk to God like you talk to a friend.” In the case of Abraham you can tell that he truly was The Friend of God by the way they talked back and forth. Abraham was so uniquely close to God that he was given inside information from the Father himself about future judgements to come. He was undoubtedly the only human on Earth with that information.

Secondly, Lot had been seduced by Sodom right from the beginning. He pitched his tent right outside of the city right off the bat.

Thirdly, Sodom was a lust driven city, so I was not exactly surprised by the men of Sodom trying to rape the angels. What was surprising was the fact that even after the Sodomites had been blinded by the heavenly hosts the men still groped around hoping to feel their way into a coveted blinded back alley angel rape. The desperation to commit such heinous acts is still catches me off guard every time I revisit this portion of scripture.

The apathy is really something to me as well. I’ve tried to reason out why they might act in such a manner. That reason eludes me still. I could understand doubting maybe some random dirty guy that just breaks in your tent and tells you some shit. When holy angels descend from on high with a message of judgement and peril for all who remain in the cities though? A message only the Creator could have gave and you still doubt? No reasonable reason for that.

The next shocker for me isn’t the story itself. It’s how Christians so often misrepresent something so evident…that’s what keeps me up at night. Over and over I’ve seen and heard the issue with Lot’s wife represented this way. Lot and his family are fleeing from the camp that is in the middle of flames from on High and Lot’s wife turns back to see what’s happening and boom she’s a salt stick.

That’s not what the Bible says though. The Bible says that it was the next morning and his wife was starring back at Sodom as if she was coveting, longing after the sinful days she had spent in the town she had just finished fleeing.  The Bible says “As A Dog Returneth to his vomit, so doth the fool return to his folly.” I believe she was turned to a pillar of salt for this reason. “Remember Lot’s wife” Repent and don’t look back.

Next, is the account of Lot and his daughters. Mind you the ignorant daughters believed they were the only life left on Earth. They didn’t know of anything outside of Sodom and Gomorrah. They did know their father though, and they must of known him well enough that they understood his weaknesses and his moral fiber.

First of all,  they do not try, straight away to convince him to sleep with them. They must’ve known Lot to be a righteous enough man not to commit incest with his virgin daughters.

That being said, they also knew his weaknesses, one of those being the drink. It couldn’t have been too difficult to convince their father after such an event to drink himself stupid. In his defense all his friends, and family and belongings had just been evaporated by an angry God. Not to mention the new lawn ornament, which was at one time in fact not a pillar of salt but his adorning wife.

Having said that, I have been very drunk on a very many occasions. On top of that, I have done some absolutely shameful things during those very drunken occasions. But I will say this in my defense. Not once have I been so drunk as to impregnate my own family, my own blood family, not just one, but two separate family members might I add, in an evening.

The drink has been my downfall and a weak point for me throughout my life but never to such a degree. How much wine did they manage to smuggle out on their way out of Sodom? I mean really that must’ve been a lot of potion for that motion.

Or Lot the man had lost such fibers to his morality long ago. In the New Testament, the Bible says that Lot “vexed his righteous soul” while in Sodom. How did he do that? Well not by committing Sodomy, not by rebelling against Abraham, no. Lot vexed his righteous soul by “seeing and hearing” the sins of Sodom.

Let this be the greatest lesson to all of us, you don’t have to do the terrible things, you just have to see and hear them enough and you destroy you own walk as well.


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